RN2xx3, MAC status stuck at 4

Hey Alexandre,

Sorry to bother you with a question about the RN2483.

I am playing with your rn2xx3 driver in RIOT, with the test program. I have a test account at KPN and I have the necessary keys to send messages. Joining ABP to keep it simple.

Here is something weird that I can't get right. I'm sending a test message and it gets to my server alright. But the RN2483 gives a timeout on the TX command.

Next, the RN2483 goes into a state that I can't recover from. If I read the MAC status (with a slightly modified driver), it gives 0x0000000D Meaning, 110 1 110 -> Ack_timeout 1 -> network joined

Then, after a while (several minutes) it goes to state 0x00000009 Meaning, 100 1 100 -> Between Receive window 1 and Receive window 2 1 -> network joined

And it stays in that state forever. When I try a new message it fails with an error "MAC state is in an Idle state".

Now, all that I can do is to do a reset. After that I can send again.

Would you have a hint as to what this can be?