RIOT Summit 2021: Registration open

Dear RIOTers,

the registration for the RIOT Summit 2021 is open:

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I started a pad (see follow-up post) for talking about possible breakout sessions (as discussed during the VMA). Please enter possible topics here!

Ping @benpicco

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@miri64 already create Breakout Sessions - HackMD, which is part of the Summit book collection.

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ps: I couldn’t find “Canada” in the list. Finally I realized that the list of countries is Deutsch, and I found “Kanada”

A suggestion for things to prepare for the summit:

We could have a “white board” of networked RIOT devices that are kept running by summit participants, and of how to reach them. Kinda like it’d be if there were a local 6LoWPAN to join, just over the Internet. (Which, IMO, is one of the key aspects of IoT).

Devices that use CoAP can announce themselves at coap:// (some documentation behind the link). Users who merge #16113 (subtly fishing for an ACK here…) can even ask the RD to take care of any firewall issues.

Would it make sense to add this to the Project Showcase - HackMD? Like the breakout session pad, it will be pinned to the bulletin board. If not we can also add another pad dedicated for that to the main pad.

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