RIOT Summit 2017: Program and Registration

Dear RIOTers,

the second RIOT Summit ( will take place in Berlin, Germany from September 25-26, 2017, at FU Berlin. The first day is dedicated to single-track presentations. The second day allows for break-out sessions and coding. If you want to attend, please register as soon as possible:


Keynote by Gilles Van Assche (STMicroelectronics)   - Permutation-based cryptography for the Internet of Things

IoT Security   - SOFIE: Securely and Openly Federating IoT systems, Pekka Nikander   - Progressively Securing RIOT-OS!, Kaleb Himes   - Have a secure RIOT, Eric Sesterhenn   - Post-Quantum Cryptography for IoT, Simona Samardjiska

Virtualisation & Bootstrapping   - Large scale experiments on virtual ICN-based IoT networks with vICN, Marcel Enguehard   - Multiple Personalities - Thoughts on a Virtualized RIOT, Kai Beckmann   - Fast modelling & deployment of IoT applications from the cloud to RIOT devices, Ian Thomas

Use Cases   - How RIOT-ready is industry?, Oliver Hahm   - Cloudy with a Chance of RIOTs - Towards an Open Industrial Internet, Michal Frey   - Introduction to the Calliope mini, Joern Alraun

Network   - RIOT and CAN, Vincent Dupont   - DropWatcher: A real world LoRaWAN application on RIOT, Jos� Ignacio Alamos   - Adaptive radio output scaling for power and bandwidth saving, Koen Zandberg

**Social and related events**

Social   - After the talks of the first day, we have organized a casual dinner at a very nice place close to the river Spree. Food is sponsored.

Three side events   - If you consider attending the RIOT Summit, you should also consider attending the following side events related to IoT: ACM ICN, T2TRG, ICNRG. These events will take place right before and after the Summit at the same venue. Separate registration is required, and more information is available at


Participation at the RIOT Summit is free of charge. However, registration is required:


We gratefully thank the following companies for their generous support: Arrow Electronics, Cisco, Fujitsu, OTAkeys, and wolfSSL,

We also thank Freie Univeristaet Berlin, HAW Hamburg, and INRIA.

Looking forward to meet all of you in Berlin!