RIOT Release 2015.09

Dear RIOT developers and users,

it has been a long and rocky road, but thanks to the marvellous community, we managed to finalize the fifth official release of the RIOT operating system:

Congratulations Oleg!

Excellent team work, I cannot wait to test it, very soon I think :wink:


Congrats Oleg!

Excellent Team work !!!


\o/ finally!

/goes to bed


Is 2015.09 git tag the one to use, or is it best to use the master branch, (the only branch I see), now?

Hi John, if you are using RIOT to create an application it’s best to use the release tag 2015.09 or the hot fix branch 2015.09-branch. If you want to be involved in the interns of RIOT itself or plan to port a platform it’s probably best to develop it against master (the development state). For the later it might however make sense to port against the release, depending on your use case.

Cheers, Martine

I'll be porting to STM32F103CB or similar, (when I figure out memory requirements for radio and networking code), for the use case of a star network of 900MHz radios from a base station that might have more memory than the nodes.

H All

Are there a release for TI CC13xxx chip?

Kind regards Ben Duvenage

Hi Ben,

not yet. Is this the radio used on TI's SensorTag?

Cheers, Oleg

Hi Oleg

Yes it is.

Kind regards Ben