RIOT Porting other platform

Hi All ,

I want to port RIOT OS to new platform (ARC 600 microncontroller ). What is need to done.

Any documentation is available for this.


Hello Shishir,

Please have a look at the porting guide in our wiki: Also keep in mind that all files have to have an LGPL 2.1 compatible license. Finally, you should look at the development procedures and coding conventions:

Happy hacking! Cheers, Ludwig

hi Ludwig,

Is Porting for ARC600/ ARC700 (Synopsys) has been done. Any idea?

Thanks Shishir tiwari

Hi Shishir,

can you please rephrase the question?

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi Shishir,

Hi Thomas ,

I am new to Riot , so can you please share sequence of program (function) execution for staring reset(startup) to main(application ) program.

This is will help to port into new platform.

Thanks Shishir tiwari