RIOT OS tag on Stackoverflow

Dear community,

finally, it is here: The riot-os tag on Stackoverflow. ( It took a while to reach the rank to create a tag, but I reached it on saturday. My first action was to create a tag for RIOT. Unfortunately it took some days to get it approved. I already submitted a tag description, but it will probably also take a while until it gets approved. I will also continue adding the riot-os tag to old posts. There are a few of them ( Since Stackoverflow has a huge community of developer and also a good rank in every search engine, I encourage you to start using Stackoverflow for your question with the riot-os tag. Watching it on a regular base and answer some question is also helpful. This will increase the visibility of the project and may get more people involved in it. It might be a good idea to promote it on our channels. (Twitter, Readme, to name a few) Every help is welcomed. Have a nice week.

best regards Philipp

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Hi Philipp,

Thank you for adding the tag on Stackoverflow and tagging the existing questions. I agree that it is a good idea to monitor this for questions outside our usual channels.

We're still deciding how we want to use the Stackoverflow questions in the community workflow. This is definitely something we can discuss during the RIOT summit next week. There is already a badge on the github project README, merged yesterday, for some exposure.

Best regards,

Koen Zandberg