RIOT-OS Stammtisch in der c-base

Hallo, wir, die Entwickler vom freien Betriebssystem RIOT [1] für embedded systems, würden gerne (zukünftig) regelmäßig (zunächst aber erstmal einmalig) unsere sogenannten Hack’n’ACK-Partys in der c-base veranstalten. Hack’n’ACK-Partys sind, was wir unsere Kombination aus Stammtisch, Bug-Squashing-Party und Code-Review-Come-Togethers nennen. Ein bis zwei Mitentwickler und ich würden uns dann am Samstag beim nächsten circle-Treffen vorstellen wollen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Martine Lenders


Sorry for this German mail to the development mailing list. It's mainly an information for all Berlin-based developers. Here's a rough translation for those who are interested anyhow:

Hello, we, the developers of the free operating system RIOT [1] for embedded systems, would like to host our regular (at least in the future, but at least once for know) so-called Hack'n'ACK parties at the c-base [ann.: a local hacker space]. Hack'n'ACK parties are what we call our combination of Stammtisch, Bug Squashing Party and Code Review Come Together. One or two co-developers and I would like to introduce ourselves this saturday at the next circle [ann.: the c-base's self-organizing body] meeting.

Kind regards, Martine Lenders

Thanks Martine. Who is available to accompany Martine Saturday at 8PM at C-Base? (I will try to attend myself, but I cannot confirm yet, thus the above question :wink: Cheers Emmanuel


Hi again.