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I would like to know if there is a way to broadcast packets. I would like to broadcast both MAC/radio and UDP packets.

The only relevant information I could find in the documentation was lwmac (found a reference to specify broadcast duration but could not find relevant broadcast method). And found nothing related to UDP.

Thank you.


Navneet Pandey

Hi Navneet

can you be more precise with your needs? What kind of radio are you using? What do you mean by broadcast?

On 802.15.4 radios for instance, transmissions on a given frequency channel are overheard by all nodes in radio range that are listening to this channel. Is that the kind of broadcast you’re talking about?



Yes, I am talking about that kind of broadcast.

I also read that it is possible to send a broadcast message with “txtsnd” module as well. So, any solution where I broadcast and all the nodes (radios) in the range listen would work for me.

Note: I did not receive your response to this email in my inbox. I saw the response when I checked the archive. I subscribed to the mailing list this morning only. That could be one of the reason. But, please let me know if there is something I need to do.

Thank you.

Hello, broadcast in 802.15.4 is determined by the receiver's address. Setting it to 0xFFFF (2 byte) is a broadcast. You can just send a packet with this address and all nodes should not only hear, but also accept it.

A basic, but old example I wrote some time ago can be found at [0].

Best Regards Robert


Just what I needed.

Thank you Robert, Emmanuel.