RIOT on Realtek RTL8710AF


Just got some of these PADI IoT Stamps [1] into my hands. Did anybody on this list start working on RIOT support for a Realtek RTL8710AF already?

Best, Thomas


Hi Thomas,

I have started a port (or PoC) of RIOT-OS for the general purpose RTL7810: [1]. Back then, the PADI IoT Stamp was not yet released.

Some of the sources (and flash script) is based on the work of [2]. Due to the lack of a decent SDK, I quit.

Hi Bas,

That’s great to hear, I will definitely check out your branch! Thank for the link.

On first sight the PADI SDK is in very good shape, header files, openocd.cfgs, extensive pdf documentation. We will see how it turns out.

Best, Thomas

Hi Thomas!

Hi Oleg!

This seems to be some real low-cost device, but I wonder how much IoT it is. Does anybody know if this Wi-Fi chip is capable of 802.11 ad-hoc mode and IPv6?

Well it's a cheap device, that's already something. :wink:

But after working on it last night my enthusiasm about this device is pretty much gone already again for now. I was definitely blinded by the amount of documents provided but should have gotten suspicious when the SDK hat a "without NDA" in it's name. I think this device is great for makers and the arduino scene but due to the lack of documentation of low level specs (no docs on the vector table and they make you use their peripheral library) renders it basically useless for RIOT.

Maybe realtek will change their mind on that and release a full data sheet without NDA at some point, one can hope.

Best, Thomas

ps.: AFAI saw, it supports p2p mode but AT commands are limited to IPv4 communication so far.