RIOT: new radio support, YARM

Hello everybody, in the last few months I've been slowly adding support for a new hardware module called YARM:

The module is quite cheap and has some very interesting features: most notably, very low energy consumption and extremely long range (it has been tested for communication at 15km distance on land, 70km at sea - and could do more).

My RIOT fork, albeit a bit untidy, is working at least for the basic stuff. The radio driver is still incomplete, though, and I have found problems when trying to make a border router.

I was wondering if someone on the list might be interested in helping me out with this port. I have a customer interested in a stable IPv6 mesh networking on YARM, who could sponsor at least part of the development. My immediate goal is to get IPv6 fully working, but I'd love to see YARM code integrated into mainstream RIOT at some point.

Any help will be very much appreciated,

Antonio Galea