[riot-internal] RIOT Release 2014.05

Dear RIOT developers and users,

I'm delighted to announce the next and thereby third official release of the RIOT operating system:

release-notes.txt (6.83 KB)

Dear rioters,

I have to announce that I made a mistake. The mistake was basically trusting the Github interface (again) to tag the release, although I should have known better. Unfortunately, Github does not create annotated tags, which leads to a senseless commit message for the tag and - which was the real motivation to fix it - causes a wrong RIOT version string. Therefore, I *retagged* the tree as 2014.05 *again*.

According to the git documentation: If you got the wrong tag, and want the new one, please delete the old one and fetch the new one by doing:

git tag -d 2014.05 git fetch origin tag 2014.05

to get my updated tag.

You can test which tag you have by doing

git rev-parse 2014.05

which should return 9a05127334371d97aefc42c5a6a229bf0770f459, if you have the new version.

Sorry for the inconvenience and happy RIOT, Oleg