[riot-internal] Riot OS Port for STM32F4 discovery board

Hello, due to licensing issues we could not include it into RIOT’s main repository. You can find it here: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/thirdparty_boards. Not that you also have to clone https://github.com/RIOT-OS/thirdparty_cpu and set the RIOTBOARD and RIOTCPU macros in make accordingly.

Regards, Martine Lenders

Hi Abhinav,

I can't really tell in what condition the port to the stm32f4 in the third party repositories is. (It was imported from a preceding project and not actively maintained). But we are currently developing a new port without any licensing issues and any use of ST libraries which will be part of RIOT's main repository. Work on this should be completed soon.

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Hello Abhinay,

welcome to the RIOT mailinglist.

As Thomas already wrote, we are currently working on merging the stm32f4discovery port from the thirdparty repositories into RIOTs master. I am the one working on a clean pull request for this, expect it to be ready in the beginning of next week. If you would like to have a peek on the current code, you can have a look at my branch in [1].

I will be happy to let you know when I have the PR ready - if you have any questions, fell free to ask them!

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Hi again,

I just prepared a pull request for the stm32f4discovery board [1]. It is still work in progress, as the code is not yet very well tested. But as I see it the port shouldn’t change much besides some bug fixing. Feel welcome to have a look at it and give it a try!

Best regards, Hauke