RIOT for Zigduino


I have been trying to port RIOT for Zigduino board for about a week (On and Off), but I am confused. Has anybody done porting for zigduio? or is there any specific steps I need to follow, besides the general guideline given in documentation?

Thank you


I think so far nobody has attempted to port that board.

Please don’t take the available porting guide word-by-word, it might be outdated in places - we are currently putting heavy effort in rewriting/updating our documentation!

So for porting the Zigduino I think you can just follow a simple approach: copy the arduino-mega2560 board and the atmega2560 cpu and adapt them to the specifics of the new board. Start simple by just trying to get the UART to work and than add to it. Don’t worry about duplicating code while you just want to get the board working somehow - I would suggest that you than PR your code once you have basic functionality working (e.g. UART, GPIO, timers) and we can work out together a concept of introducing some shared board/cpu folders for ATMega based platforms (as done in cpu/cortexm_common for coretx-m based platforms).

Just let us know where we can help!

Cheers, Hauke


Thank you for your kind reply. I tried the way you suggested and I still have a problem with the UART. I wrote a separate code to test the UART and it works. However, with RIOT I am getting no response. I am using the hello_world application to test. modified the uart.c code in the periph of the cpy folder i created (atmega128rfa1). I am only trying to make one of the UART work. Do I have to also modify the time, interrupt and other files?

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