RIOT extension for Visual Studio Code

Dear RIOTers,

Recently I switched between a lot of editors and now I landed on Visual Studio Code.

It is just a 0.0.1 version but I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve just published a Visual Studio Code extension for RIOT:

I have decided to write this simple extension for easing the integration of RIOT for vscode.

riot-code is a thin wrapper over the build system of RIOT: it runs make targets and parses make output for configuring the intellisense engine of vscode.

I hope you will enjoy riot-code! feedback welcome!!

greetings Attilio

Hi Attilio

This is cool, thanks for doing this! Nice work.

How easily does this transfer to Visual Studio? Since most of the commercial embedded world seems to use Windows as far as I can see, this could definitely help support commercial adoption…



Ok sure. Feel free to put a wiki entry into underneath “Integration of external tools”.

Thanks again!