I’m wondering if RIOT can be used in combination with the ESP8622.

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  • Roger Zink -

Hi Roger,

RIOT can certainly be ported to the ESP8622, and it would make for a very interesting platform. I think some people (including myself) have briefly looked into this, but there has been created no countable output, yet. The main problem I have encountered so far is their custom CPU core. I have only found part of the information needed (ISA, stack handling, peripheral register descriptions) that is needed to port RIOT, but I have not looked very good for it…

Cheers, Hauke


if someone (here in Berlin) wants to try their porting skills I could offer hardware:

- ESP-12E ( - ESP-201 (

Cheers, René


You mean ESP8266 (Tensilica L106) right?

I would concentrate my power to the upcomming ESP32 (DC L108) with BLE and 416 kb RAM.

The esp32 has 2 core inside, and seems that RiOT don’t support more than one core?

I was under the impression that the core which the esp8266 is based on isn’t actually custom but is rather a Xtensa CPU by Tensilica which is now part of Cadence.

While Xtensa CPUs may not be as familiar as ARM or MIPS I believe that there’s a reasonable amount of NDA unencumbered documentation available on it floating around the web and in various academic journals.

• Xtensa® Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) Reference Manual

• Xtensa Architecture and Performance

• Linux/Xtensa