RIOT code generator

Hi devs,

During the last few days, I worked on a small command line interface tool [1] for generating starting code for application, test and board support. The idea came out from a discussion with Jose (@jia200x) in one of his PR [2]. Basically, this tool is meant for simplifying the bootstrap of new RIOT code, especially with correct copyright headers, doxygen comments, etc. I think that this could be handy for newcomers.

The project is in very early stage but there are already ideas for later: - add driver code generator: with options for auto_init, netdev, etc - integrate the tool in RIOT build system: make generate-driver, make generate-test, make generate-application, etc - add tests to the tool itself ...

Maybe some of you have other ideas to improve the tool ? This is an open-source project, so if you think it's useful, don't hesitate to contribute !


[1] [2]

Hi Alex,

I like it! I have added two issues with some ideas on the Github page directly.