Hello, everyone.

  I am undergraduate student and I am currently working on my thesis concerning the topic of "Named Data Networking in Internet of Things”. In order to complete my thesis I have to make a sensor network with microcontrolers, using RIOT CCN-lite. The problem is that I dont know exactly which boards are working with CCN-lite and I have to propose to my University some boards to buy them. My first idea was to use arduino boards (but I saw in RIOT's documentation for Arduino Uno that doesnt support working network stack).

So I would like to ask you

1) If someone has used ccn-lite for any Arduino board, or STM32F0DISCOVERY boards, or STM32 Nucleo boards; 2) Can anyone suggest other boards that can easily be found in the market and support RIOT-CCN-lite; 3) Can anyone give me some specs that a board should have in order to work properly with RIOT CCN-lite.

Any other suggestions or advises that could help me explore things about my thesis project would be very helpful because I am a beginner.

Thank you in advance, Vasilis