RIOT at FrOSCon 2022

FrOSCon (Free and Open Source Software Conference) is this year on site again:

Free Software and Open Source - these are the topics of FrOSCon (Free and Open Source Software Conference). Every year in August the computer science department of the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, supported by FrOSCon e.V., will organize an exciting program with talks and workshops for visitors of all ages. The event is topped off with a fair of booths from FLOSS projects and companies. The social event, celebrated at Saturday night, offers the opportunity to exchange opinions with other visitors, speakers or volunteers.

When: 20th and 21th of August Where: Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Science

If there is enough interest from the community we could request a stand there and promote RIOT there. I think at least 3 volunteers would be needed to make it comfortable. It would also needs some promo material such as a few boards and maybe a fancy-looking setup or two.

Is there any interest from the community in this and can we make this happen?

I’ll be there, and happy to participate in a RIOT booth.

I’d bring some boards along (largely nRF52840 based).

I like the idea, I’ll be there too and bring some boards.

So only @chrysn and me are interested? That would be too little to register as a project I think.

Count us in from the HAW side! We will be 1-2 people.

On 22/06/08 11:36AM, Benjamin Valentin via RIOT wrote:

So only @chrysn and me are interested? That would be too little to register as a project I think.

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Great, that should be enough to run a small presence. I’m filling out their CFP forms to find a suitable slot.


Registration is now filed; those joining please drop me a unicast message with a name and EMail address I can give to the organizers as part of the booth team.


Hi all, We got the booth.

Some comments:

  • There will be a wall behind with the booth for posters, one Ethernet cable and one power outlet. Maybe we should consider getting a router/power outlets?
  • Preliminary floor plan is not ready, will be published soon.
  • They will try to accomodate chairs for everyone, but this might vary due to COVID restrictions.
  • We are not allowed to display any kind of advertisement of commercial companies (which won’t apply for RIOT advertisement…)
  • We have to indicate the names of the people who will run the booth. They are elegible for a badge and free catering. We should do that before August 2.

IIRC the attendees are:

Did I miss someone?

I just booked a place to stay over night in Sankt Augustin, so you can count me in for sure. I plan to come with a backpack only, so I want to limit myself to three projects for show off. These are my favorite ideas, but all require a bit of work:

  1. RIOT on the Badger 2040 board and use that as a name badge.
    • We do not have board support yet, but that is easy to fix
    • So far we only have drivers for the high frequency timer and the UART peripheral (and GPIOs). I hoped once support is in a state that debugging and development is easy, PRs will just flow in. But I guess I will have to at least at SPI and I2C support myself
    • I was told that epaper displays are a pain in the ass to interface with, so a driver would be needed
  2. RIOT on the Nintendo Game & Watch would also be super fancy.
    • The STM32H7 family seems to be the only STM32 MCU family we do not yet support :confused: So some effort would be required to get th is rolling
  3. RIOT on a puny cheap Arduino ATmega with shell and threads. Otherwise people may assume RIOT is not suitable for shitty low-end boards, despite it actually scaling down quite well.
    • That would require flash_utils to get upstream to actually have something sensible running on them
    • I bet most people there will have such a board with them or at least at home. It may be easier to get people trying out RIOT if they do not need to buy exotic hardware first

As a fallback, I do still have that sound cube powered by a Bluepill (running RIOT) and a DFPlayer. Exposing the controls of that via CoAP would also highlight the networking capabilities of RIOT - and IMO we really should show of something with networking. And I also have an xmas tree with ws281x LED “balls” somewhere, in case I get desperate.

What are you intending to bring?

Cool! I will then add you to the participants list.

On my side I’m intending to bring the roller banner and probably some pamphlets.

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The Saturday evening social event seems to need a 10€ ticket, they’re now available at (I’ll be there, but also don’t have plans for Sunday evening in case there is any social left after two days).

Ok, so I’m taking with me:

  • The RIOT-logo-only Roll Up Banner
  • ~10 RIOT T-shirts
  • ~100 flyers with RIOT basics and architecture
  • A few stickers and business cards

@benpicco just in case you have time and you are in the mood, it would be cool to pick up some stickers/business cards from the FU. Otherwise I’m sure we will survive.

What’s the idea regarding the demo?

José via RIOT wrote: > - The RIOT-logo-only Roll Up Banner - ~10 RIOT T-shirts - ~100 flyers > with RIOT basics and architecture - A few stickers and business > cards

Make sure to tell them about RIOT-OS Summit. Maybe enough just to print the summit web site out and put it on the table!

Good luck, and thanks for doing this.

Is someone bringing an Ethernet switch? We are getting a /64 network that we can use for 6LoWPAN, a wired uplink is probably a good idea. Otherwise I’ll get one in Bonn, always good to have a spare and not having to dismantle the home network for it :smiley:

I bring a 6x power strip as well.

Make sure to tell them about RIOT-OS Summit.

Anyone got a nice color printer for at least an A4/A3 note? (Do we have anything PDF-style for the summit, anyway?)

Ok, so I’m taking with me:

I’ll bring distribution Ethernet, and a 4x USB charger. BYO cables.

What’s the idea regarding the demo?

Aehm, we’ll figure something out…

I’m bringing a router. We can use it as an Ethernet switch. I can take a couple of Ethernet cables too.

EDIT: Just saw @chrysn reply. I can bring it anyway since it’s already packed.

I have a regular color printer at the office. I’m not aware of any PDF-style for the summit, but I’ll see if I can do something.

When do you arrive? My train arrives 17:36 in Bonn, will have to check into the hotel afterwards. We could set up our booth already today, but there will be no network yet.

Since we don’t have that much stuff to set up, I’m not sure if that will be necessary.

I will arrive quite late (around 22:00). So I couldn’t make it today anyway.

But yes, we should definitely be able to setup everything tomorrow morning.

I will arrive quite late (around 22:00). So I couldn’t make it today anyway.

Same here (23:45).

In terms of boards, I’ve got a bunch of nrf52840s (some dongles, particle-xenon, mictobit-v2), a thingy:52, a hifive1, sltb001a, some old stk-3xxx and some custom ones (EFM32 with Ethernet modules).

(And no clue as to what best to flash onto them).