RIOT at FrOSCon 2022

FrOSCon (Free and Open Source Software Conference) is this year on site again:

Free Software and Open Source - these are the topics of FrOSCon (Free and Open Source Software Conference). Every year in August the computer science department of the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, supported by FrOSCon e.V., will organize an exciting program with talks and workshops for visitors of all ages. The event is topped off with a fair of booths from FLOSS projects and companies. The social event, celebrated at Saturday night, offers the opportunity to exchange opinions with other visitors, speakers or volunteers.

When: 20th and 21th of August Where: Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Science

If there is enough interest from the community we could request a stand there and promote RIOT there. I think at least 3 volunteers would be needed to make it comfortable. It would also needs some promo material such as a few boards and maybe a fancy-looking setup or two.

Is there any interest from the community in this and can we make this happen?

I’ll be there, and happy to participate in a RIOT booth.

I’d bring some boards along (largely nRF52840 based).

I like the idea, I’ll be there too and bring some boards.

So only @chrysn and me are interested? That would be too little to register as a project I think.

Count us in from the HAW side! We will be 1-2 people.

On 22/06/08 11:36AM, Benjamin Valentin via RIOT wrote:

So only @chrysn and me are interested? That would be too little to register as a project I think.

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Great, that should be enough to run a small presence. I’m filling out their CFP forms to find a suitable slot.


Registration is now filed; those joining please drop me a unicast message with a name and EMail address I can give to the organizers as part of the booth team.


Hi all, We got the booth.

Some comments:

  • There will be a wall behind with the booth for posters, one Ethernet cable and one power outlet. Maybe we should consider getting a router/power outlets?
  • Preliminary floor plan is not ready, will be published soon.
  • They will try to accomodate chairs for everyone, but this might vary due to COVID restrictions.
  • We are not allowed to display any kind of advertisement of commercial companies (which won’t apply for RIOT advertisement…)
  • We have to indicate the names of the people who will run the booth. They are elegible for a badge and free catering. We should do that before August 2.

IIRC the attendees are:

Did I miss someone?

I just booked a place to stay over night in Sankt Augustin, so you can count me in for sure. I plan to come with a backpack only, so I want to limit myself to three projects for show off. These are my favorite ideas, but all require a bit of work:

  1. RIOT on the Badger 2040 board and use that as a name badge.
    • We do not have board support yet, but that is easy to fix
    • So far we only have drivers for the high frequency timer and the UART peripheral (and GPIOs). I hoped once support is in a state that debugging and development is easy, PRs will just flow in. But I guess I will have to at least at SPI and I2C support myself
    • I was told that epaper displays are a pain in the ass to interface with, so a driver would be needed
  2. RIOT on the Nintendo Game & Watch would also be super fancy.
    • The STM32H7 family seems to be the only STM32 MCU family we do not yet support :confused: So some effort would be required to get th is rolling
  3. RIOT on a puny cheap Arduino ATmega with shell and threads. Otherwise people may assume RIOT is not suitable for shitty low-end boards, despite it actually scaling down quite well.
    • That would require flash_utils to get upstream to actually have something sensible running on them
    • I bet most people there will have such a board with them or at least at home. It may be easier to get people trying out RIOT if they do not need to buy exotic hardware first

As a fallback, I do still have that sound cube powered by a Bluepill (running RIOT) and a DFPlayer. Exposing the controls of that via CoAP would also highlight the networking capabilities of RIOT - and IMO we really should show of something with networking. And I also have an xmas tree with ws281x LED “balls” somewhere, in case I get desperate.

What are you intending to bring?

Cool! I will then add you to the participants list.

On my side I’m intending to bring the roller banner and probably some pamphlets.

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The Saturday evening social event seems to need a 10€ ticket, they’re now available at (I’ll be there, but also don’t have plans for Sunday evening in case there is any social left after two days).