RIOT and UDOO: UART drivers for internal shared bus

We have RIOT runs on UDOO board. Our aims is to establish a communication trough the internal shared bus between the two processors, the imx6 and the sam3x using UART protocol,as describe in the UDOO starting manual ( par 3.2.2 ). I saw @Hauke Petersen did the UART drivers for UDOO,but I couldn’t find any reference for the internal serial UART that allows the communication with the iMX6. Is this already included? or shell we have to define a new UART port?

Thanks, Francesco

Francesco Ermini electronic engineering Student at UNIFI

Hi Francesco,

the UART driver for the UDOO board is almost ready, I actually hope it will be merged today. The driver then enables you to access the SAM’s UART in a efficient way. For documentation best have a look at the doxygen for RIOT/drivers/include/periph/uart.h.

Now for communicating between both MCUs, you would need to look into the UDOO’s documentation, namely the UDOO Starting Manual chapter 3: ‘internal connections’. There you can see, that the SAM is connected via it’s primary URXD and UTXD with the iMX. This UART is mapped in RIOT to UART_0. So for sending and receiving on the SAM side, you just need to use RIOT’s UART interface with UART_0. On the iMX side, I can’t really help you, just look it up in UDOO’s documentation.

I hope this is of any help to you, if you need additional information let me know!

Cheers, Hauke

Hi Hauke,

Thank you so much,you did a great job on RIOT,I hope that we will soon contribute to the project!

yours sincerely, Francesco