RIOT and the SAMV71 X Plained Evalboard plus RIOT and Atmel Studio

Hi Everyone!

We try to run RIOT on the Atmel SAMV71 X Plained Evalboard but because there is no direct way (because the Controller is not supportet till now from RIOT) we want to built it from the scratch. We tried it with Linux and the Toolchain but when we try to flash the board the error appears, that the register can not be used (i used the samr21 example but there is everything different). Is there a way to configure a new board including a new Microcontroller? We didnt find any HowTo for that, or, is there a way to flash the board via the Atmel Studio?

We would be realy thankfull if someone could help us.

Cheers and have a nice day,


Hi Marvin,

you would need to port the CPU and the board for RIOT before you can do anything useful with it… As we currently have no support for the Atmel V71 MCU family, you would need to port that CPU to RIOT first so you can use it. Have a look at our porting guide for a high-level guide [1] on how you can proceed.

Cheers, Hauke