RIOT and reelyActive?

We’re curious if there’s interest and potential in coupling RIOT with reelyActive hardware. A reelyActive reelceiver is a TI/Chipcon-based radio transceiver (CC1110, CC2541, …) that can be daisy chained with other reelceivers. They communicate over RS-422 (serial). It’s easy to connect reelceivers to 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers that have a UART, so it could be easy to write a RIOT driver to communicate serially with reelceivers. That would provide multi-standard radio communication protocol potential to the suite of MSP430 and ARM microcontrollers the OS currently supports.

More info about our CC1110-based reelceiver here: It operates in the 915MHz ISM band and has a sister that can do 868MHz for ETSI. There’s also a BLE version in the works.

Thanks for your thoughts, consideration and feedback!


Hi Jeff,

nice to hear from you on this list. Your idea sounds interesting.

Would it make sense that you send us some sample hardware so that we can test things over here in Berlin?

In exchange, we could send you a nice RIOT t-shirt (the size of your choice :wink: