RIOT activities at the IETF 110 Hackathon

Next week (2021-03-01 to -05) the IETF hackathon takes place.

It’s an event where people focus using, developing and testing-against-each-other their implementations of existing and future IETF protocols, such as CoAP, OSCORE, SUIT, Resource Directory and EDHOC.

There are no terribly concrete plans yet as to what precisely people will work on, but I expect do hack a bit around SUIT and RD, and look into securing things.

Links to resources used (often there’s a repository with addresses, keys and versions implemented) will be posted here, but the easiest way to join in is to register (it’s both cost- and trouble-free) at and join the where we’ll be sitting around one of the hackathon tables.

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There’s an Etherpad at that summarizes what is happening around CoAP in the hackathon, and is being updated as things happen. RIOT related work so far was limited, but a small outcome was that the Resource Directory implementation is now up to date with the latest draft.

If you want to join in, come to Table C in the hackathon area of

Summarizing what transpired, I used the hackathon for a few updates around the Resource Directory clients in RIOT. Not much, but small change and a bit of visibility of RIOT devices (hogging the URI,2020:microbit-v2) during the experiments.