RF board for Nucleo-F446RE board

Hello RIOT users,

Now I study how to use RIOT OS on the Nucleo-F446RE board. Compiling sources, flashing elf file and inputting OS commands by pyterm is OK. Next step is wireless communication between two boards. But Nucleo-F446RE board does not equip RF.

Is it possible to connect RF board on the Nucleo-F446RE board ?. If possible, which is the best sutable RF board for Nucleo-F446RE board ?. Please inform me the RF board name, price and WEB-site to buy it.

Best regards, Dicek Bear.

I don't know about any shields specific to the Morpho connectors on the Nucleo boards, but you can use any module with a supported radio chip if you wire it up yourself with a bunch of jumper wires.

at86rf233 is a widely used and well supported chip, [1] has a cheap module with it.

Another option is a mrf24j40 module. Those are a bit older but work well too. You can get them on ebay or AliExpress. Just note that the mrf24j40ma variant doesn't have a build-in amplifier so the signal will not be as good as with mrf24j40md/e (the e variant requires an external antenna though)

Best, Benjamin

[1] https://openlabs.co/store/Raspberry-Pi-802.15.4-radio

Hello Mr Valentin,

Thank you for useful information about RF module. It is important for RIOT OS beginners to know the recommended parts.

I will buy at86rf233 and mrf24j40 module then try use them.

Best regards, Dicek Bear.

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