Research Engineer position @ Inria-Paris on Security Onboarding for the IoT

Hi all,

Inria-Paris and the AIO team have an open engineer position for 18 months in the context of the RIOT-fp project: future-proofing RIOT! The position is about secure device onboarding for IoT. More details are available at:

Best, Mališa

Sounds fascinating – I’m not available for the requested time, otherwise I’d be curious. (For example, I’d ask about the remote possibilities, and whether any level of French is required).

I can’t say about the remote possibilities but French is not required, people in the team usually speak in English.

While Inria policies allow for 90 days / year for remote work, the position and the team are based in Paris. I confirm @aabadie 's reply that French is not a requirement.

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