Release Candidate Status

Dear Rioters,

The deadline for the 2014.05 Release Candidate was yesterday. This is a list of issues that appear to be in need of attention along with the people whose input is needed:





Please take the time to look into these issues and decide whether it makes sense to untag them for this release.

I omitted issues that appear to be in a healthy condition.

Cheers, Ludwig


I just made a PR :wink:


here comes the update

Untagged for this release.


Some open comments by Ludwig.

Almost done.


More or less done - Jenkins complains, but clicking on the link fails, too. Can anyone enlighten me? Why does Jenkins still links to instead of

Needs rebase and splitting. Needs a second ACK - will also enable merging of


PR created by Ludwig: Waiting for Kaspar (or someone else) to review.

Discussion between Kaspar and René ongoing.

The rest should be trivial as far as I can see.

If we manage to merge all this until Monday, we should be ready on Wednesday for the release and have a BBQ on Thursday!?

Cheers, Oleg


Hey folks!

Get ready for the final sprint!

Ludwig, - can you acknowledge that #392 ( can be untagged? - can you ack

Kaspar, - can you review

Christian, - can you update according to   comments in #952? - can you take a look at and merge   at will?

Hauke, - can you review

René, - is ready to be merged?

If these PRs and related issues are handled, there are only two cleanup PRs to be merged and René's X86 port to be ACK'ed and merged.

Go for it!

Cheers, Oleg



will do. Cheers, Hauke



>Ludwig, >- can you ack

I am still unsure what to do with the example after reading the README. Maybe it's just me or it is required to know something about ccn to use it. Maybe one can figure it out by actually running the example. While the README certainly is an improvement I suggest someone else takes over and reads it too.

Well, there should be at least two people on this mailing list with some knowledge about CCN - I just chose one of them to take over the review. Matthias or Emmanuel, do you have time today to take a look?

Cheers, Oleg