Release 2024.04 - UwUtastic

Hello everyone! :honeybee:

I am happy to announce that RIOT 2024.04 “UwUtastic” has been released! :tada:

Here are some of the highlights:

  • RIOT boots on two newly added boards:

  • The documentation features a new guide to help you set up a RIOT develpoment environment on Windows (#20426)

  • To accommodate the ever growing RAM sizes in the IoT, RIOT can now monitor your malloc usage (#20363)

  • Dependency modelling via Kconfig is no longer part of RIOT. A big step forward towards having only one source of truth for configurations (#20438)

210 pull requests, composed of 446 commits, have been merged since the last release, and 4 issues have been solved. 42 people contributed with code in 82 days. 2409 files have been touched with 26218 (+) insertions and 29933 deletions (-).

A big thanks to everyone who contributed! And special thanks to Maribu and MrKevinWeiss for helping me out! :gift_heart:




Gratulations everyone!