Release 2024.01

Dear RIOTers,

We are delighted to announce the 38th official release of RIOT!

---------------------[ RIOT 2024.01 ]---------------------

The 2024.01 release includes:

  • Breaking change for board definition due to XFA for pointers to defined MTD. This means users will need to:
    • remove the MTD_NUMOF definition from board.h
    • add MTD_XFA_ADD(<mtd_dev>, <idx>); to the definition of <mtd_dev>.
    • MTD_0, MTD_1, … defines are no longer needed. Use mtd_dev_get(0), mtd_dev_get(1), … instead.
  • Many fixes to peripherals due to the periph testing shield
  • The AVR-8 now has power management
  • The ESP32 family is now supported by the SDMMC peripheral driver
  • native now is supported in pyterm
  • tests/periph/uart_locate_pins helps discover which pins are where
  • the periph_timer API supports periph_timer_query_freqs
  • The GNRC boarder router application supports ZEP topology
  • Removal of Kconfig dependency modelling (but still configurations supported)

194 pull requests, composed of 475 commits, have been merged since the last release, and 4 issues have been solved. 30 people contributed with code in 64 days. 1083 files have been touched with 36196 (+) insertions and 4976 deletions (-).

You can download the RIOT release from Github by cloning the repository and checkout the release tag or by downloading the tarball, and look up the release notes for further details.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed!


– Kevin