Release 2023.04

Dear RIOTers,

We are delighted to announce the 35th official release of RIOT!

---------------------[ RIOT 2023.04 ]---------------------

The 2023.04 release includes:

  • Mass Storage Class Support in USBUS
  • Initial support for libSCHC
  • FlashDB support
  • BLE downlink in GNRC Border Router
  • DTLS support for nanoCoAP in client mode
  • Congestion control for 6LoWPAN Selective Fragment Recovery
  • avr/flash_utils: strings (and other const data) no longer needs to be copied to RAM
  • New boards:
    • esp32c3-wemos-mini
    • esp32s2-lilygo-ttgo-t8
    • esp32s2-wemos-mini
    • esp32s3-pros3
    • rpi-pico-w
    • sipeed-longan-nano
  • New device drivers:
    • Black/white e-Paper/e-Ink display
    • RFID reader (MFRC522)
    • ST VL53L1X Time-of-Flight sensor

280 pull requests, composed of 595 commits, have been merged since the last release, and 3 issues have been solved. 27 people contributed with code in 83 days. 1246 files have been touched with 177090 (+) insertions and 36429 deletions (-).

You can download the RIOT release from Github by cloning the repository and checkout the release tag or by downloading the tarball, and look up the release notes for further details.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed!


– Kevin and José

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Congrats everyone and many thanks to @MrKevinWeiss & @jia200x for managing this one!