Release 2022.07

Hello RIOT community,

I’m delighted to announce that version 2022.07 of RIOT has been released. A detailed log of changes, as well as a short introduction to the project, can be found in the release notes, and downloads are available through GitHub.

A few highlights and stats:

GPIO Low-level drivers

A new API, gpio_ll, has been introduced for highly efficient access to GPIO pins grouped in ports.

The API is limited to internal use for the time being, but still paves the way towards using port multipliers like local GPIO pins, and for improved bit-banging implementations (e.g. around WS281x-style LEDs).

Improved serial port selection

When using multiple boards simultaneously, a new serial port selection algorithm can be activated by setting MOST_RECENT_PORT=1. Of all serial ports whose metadata matches the board’s known properties, it selects the most recently connected one.

ESP support

The ESP IDF (IoT Development Framework; the vendor’s provided tools) has been upgraded to version 4.4, and many peripheral drivers are now implemented using those.

343 pull requests, composed of 767 commits, have been merged since the last release, and 5 issues have been solved. 38 people contributed with code in 107 days. 1684 files have been touched with 43451 (+) insertions and 82174 deletions (-).

Thanks to all who contributed to RIOT by adding and fixing, reviewing commits, trying things out & reporting issues, having built the base of this release over almost a decade of development, and to those who helped me through managing this release.

Cheers chrysn


Congratulations to all involved and thanks to @chrysn for managing this release!

Ditto! Thanks a bunch @chrysn + y’all!