Release 2022.04

Dear releasing IOTers,

we are happy to announce the 31th official release of RIOT:

----------------------- * RIOT [2022.04] * ----------------------- The 2022.04 release includes the possibility to change thread priorities at runtime, a major step towards the introduction of ztimer as the default timer system, and the ability to build Rust in RIOT on the latest stable version of Rust.

Additionally the auto initialization introduces a experimental feature which allows for customizing the order of modules, a SenML implementation supports CBOR and Phydat encoding and basic SAUL integration, and the file system modules support automatic mounting at startup for VFS as well as exFAT.

Boards no longer have to provide a board_init() function and support for Adafruit-PyBadge, STM32 Nucleo-F439ZI, the LPS22CH, and the MCP47xx DAC has been added.

On the networking side gcoap now provides a simple forward-proxy and allows for switching between plain CoAP and CoAP-over-DTLS at runtime while the NimBLE module supports new PHY modes.

The build system now allows for package directories to reside outside the RIOT tree and includes various new packages like ETL, nanors, tflite-micro, and WAMR.

328 pull requests, composed of 810 commits, have been merged since the last release, and 4 issues have been solved. 40 people contributed with code in 83 days. 1851 files have been touched with 50235 (+) insertions and 18701 deletions (-).

You can download the RIOT release from Github by cloning the repository and checkout the release tag [1] or by downloading the tarball [2], and look up the release notes for further details [3].

A big thank you to everybody who contributed!

Cheers Oleg

[1] GitHub - RIOT-OS/RIOT at 2022.04


[3] Release Release-2022.04 · RIOT-OS/RIOT · GitHub

The best thing about UDP jokes is that I don’t care if you get them or not.


Yeah! Congrats to all involved and special thanks to Oleg for managing this release!!

(and I believe it’s the first ever RIOT release announcement piggy-backing a UDP joke. :wink: )