Release 2022.01

Dear RIOTers,

We are delighted to announce the 30th official release of RIOT!

---------------------[ RIOT 2022.01 ]---------------------

The 2022.01 release brings support for new packages, new boards and drivers, as well as several package upgrades and bug fixes. Among others, this release improves the RIOT codebase with:

Rust support. RIOT now offers convenient integration of Rust application programming, with wrappers interfacing to RIOT modules such as timers, network stack.

Improved timers. Many modules have migrated from using xtimer to our more power-efficient alternative ztimer. Also, ztimer64 was introduced, which enables a drop-in replacement for all of xtimer features.

Kconfig support. Kconfig modeling coverage is significantly extended. Nearly all supported boards are now modeled with Kconfig.

436 pull requests, composed of 1159 commits, have been merged since the last release, and 11 issues have been solved. 43 people contributed with code in 88 days. 2475 files have been touched with 44925 insertions and 14687 deletions.

You can download the RIOT release from Github by cloning the repository and checkout the release tag or by downloading the tarball, and look up the release notes for further details.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed!



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Congrats everyone!

And many thanks to Emmanuel for managing this release! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Congrats to all those involved!

:confetti_ball: and congrats to all involved! And thanks for @emmanuelsearch for managing the release!

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