Release 2021.10

Dear RIOTers,

We are happy to announce the 29th official release of RIOT:

---------------------[ RIOT 2021.10 ]---------------------

The 2021.10 release includes:

  • GCOAP now supports DTLS transport encryption
  • RIOT can now act as a FIDO2 authentication token
  • RPL now works on BLE mesh networks
  • TCP support for GNRC via the socket API
  • DHCPv6 relay and IA_NA support
  • gnrc_ipv6_auto_subnets module for automatic subnet splitting
  • UDP benchmark tool
  • URI template processor
  • Riotboot can now receive and program firmware over UART
  • RTC mem interface with implementations for sam0 and STM32
  • LWIP now uses XFA
  • ZEP dispatcher can now simulate lossy networks
  • GNRC helper functions to wait for address and to resolve hostname
  • GNRC ICMPv6 echo now detects corruptions in replies
  • Initial support for Raspberry Pi RP2040
  • Initial support for GD32VF103
  • Initial support for nRF9160
  • EBI interface implemented on ATxmega
  • new boards: seeedstudio-gd32, rpi-pico, nrf9160dk, nucleo-wl55jc, atxmega-a1-xplained

Note that the gnrc_netdev_default module has ben replaced by netdev_default and that spi_acquire() does no longer return an error code.

263 pull requests, composed of 590 commits, have been merged since the last release, and 14 issues have been solved. 36 people contributed with code in 98 days. 1756 files have been touched with 138909 (+) insertions and 12027 deletions (-).

You can download the RIOT release from Github by cloning the repository and checkout the release tag or by downloading the tarball, and look up the release notes for further details.

A big thank you to everybody who contributed!

Best regards,


Congrats everyone and many thanks to @benpicco!!

Yeah! Congrats to all involved and thanks @benpicco for managing this one!

Congrats! Thanks for a great job @benpicco!