Release [2020.01] - dates and feature requests

Dear RIOTers,

The release dates for the upcoming release cycle are fixed as follows:

- 08.01.2020 - soft feature freeze, for high impact features

- 15.01.2020 - hard feature freeze, for all features

- 05.02.2020 - Release date

Could you please send your suggestions for features which you would like to see merged during this release cycle.

Best regards, and happy hacking!

Francisco Molina

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply.

I have some suggestions of new features that I’d like to see in the release:

  • add the arduino bootloader feature to samd21 based boards (arduino-mkr, sodaq and feather-m0). That would improve a lot the user experience with these boards. See [1] for details.

  • some PRs related to AI (TensorFlow) on microcontrollers: [2], [3] and [4].

  • a series of PRs to improve the hifive1 port [5], [6], [7], [7bis] and another one to come,

  • it would be good to finally merge [8] (kw41z radio)

  • still in radio drivers, maybe also [9] (at86rf215)

  • it would be great to merge the PR about external BOARDSDIR variable [10]

There are many more things that could go in the release but as usual, they need reviews.














Hi Alex, at86rf215 [9] is heavily tested by me and three of my colleagues. I would really like to see this one merged for the next release! I am pretty confident that we can "fully" test the driver soon.

Best Regards, Robert

Dear RIOTers,

This is a friendly reminder for you to send your suggestions for features you would like to see merged during this release cycle.

Best regards, and happy hacking!


While browsing the opened PRs, I think the USB support for STM32 should also go in that release: [1]



It will be good if ESP32 board receive RPL update :slight_smile:

Alexandre Abadie <>, 14 Ara 2019 Cmt, 17:34 tarihinde şunu yazdı:


We now have the initial integration for Kconfig and some modules are being migrated. It would be good to have at least the GNRC [1], [2],[3], Sock [4] and USB [5] migration PRs for next release.

Also, now that we are close to have the DTLS integration to gcoap, we should also include this fix on the tinydtls implementation of DTLS sock [6].

[1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]:

Cheers, Leandro.


there were some starting points for asynchronous sock merged since the last release. As with all features in this thread, since our release cycle is not feature-based, they are of course all more a nice-to-have, but it would be great to have the rest of this effort in, so this long awaited feature is a nicely wrapped up christmas present. There are currently 5 open PRs on that topic (in order of priority, highest to lowest):

- �� A bug fix to make it compilable in the first place, so all the following PRs depend on it. - �� event.h-based wrapper to get the asynchronous call in the application's context. - �� select() implementation using `sock_async` - �� sock_async backend implementation for tinydtls. Really, really just a nice-to-have, as the tinydtls port for sock is also quite new, so maybe let's wait with adding more features to that. - �� msg.h-based wrapper to get the asynchronous call in the application's context -- NOT A MUST as it might not be needed

Best regards, Martine





Oops this was meant to be of course

Thanks Francisco for pointing this out to me offline.

Best regards, Martine


I’d like to add #9530 1 to the list which provides important fixes for xtimer concurrency issues.

It would be nice to have a functional timer even before ztimer is ready to replace it.

There was already some effort put into testing it [2] but as it contains high impact changes any help with further testing and review will be very much appreciated.

Having a thorough release testing cycle shortly after merging this is probably the best time to get this in.


Best wishes,