Release 2019.07

Dear RIOTers, we are happy to announce the 20th official release of

RIOT: ----------------------- * RIOT 2019.07 * ----------------------- The 2019.07 release includes a number of new features including many new boards and cpu, riotboot added to many new and old boards, USB is now available, BLE improvements, Ethernet on stm32 platforms, as well as many bug fixes and documentation updates. Testing has also improved with both On-Target Testing increasing and now Hardware Assisted Automated Tests being run. About 300 pull requests with about 659 commits have been merged since the last release and about 50 issues have been solved. 26 people contributed with code in 106 days. Approximately 1377 files have been touched with 181993 insertions and 19668 deletions. You can download the RIOT release from Github by cloning the repository and checkout the release tag [1] or by downloading the tarball [2], and look up the release notes for further details [3]. A big thank you to everybody who contributed! Best regards, Kevin Weiss [1]: [2]: [3]:|



Cheers, Martine

I hope that some fixes for ESP32 and ESP8266 are made!

Kevin Weiss <>, 25 Tem 2019 Per, 12:46 tarihinde şunu yazdı:




Belated yay! Congrats to all involved and thanks Kevin for managing this release! Cheers Emmanuel