Release 2018.07

Dear RIOTers,

we are happy to announce the 16th official release of RIOT:

----------------------- * RIOT 2018.07 * -----------------------

The 2018.07 release includes new features, like NimBLE (ble stack), a MQTT-SN client, SHA-1 based PRNG, an UUID implementation. The RISC-V CPU architecture support used by the hifive1 board. Effort was done on refactoring, documentation, test improvements and bug fixes.

During the last release, maintainers contributed by running the automated test suites on their boards. This gave valuable feedback on the board support state, test reliability and where to focus effort to make testing easier and more reliable.

About 380 pull requests with about 675 commits have been merged since the last release and about 27 issues have been solved. 45 people contributed with code in 93 days. Approximately 1678 files have been touched with 147122 insertions and 16060 deletions.

You can download the RIOT release from Github by cloning the repository and checkout the release tag [1] or by downloading the tarball [2], and look up the release notes for further details [3].

Many thanks to all of you contributing in so many different ways to make RIOT worthwhile!

Best Regards, Gaëtan - @cladmi

[1]: [2]: [3]:

Yeah! Congrats to all involved, and thanks Gaëtan for managing this release! Cheers Emmanuel

Nice work! Thanks everyone contributing and Gaëtan for managing the release.

Cheers,   Sebastian

Wooow great! Another good release!

Thanks to all people involved, and of course a special thanks to Gaëtan, who handled in a very good way this release. Excellent work!


Francisco Javier Acosta Padilla
Research Engineer at INFINE team Inria Saclay Ile-de-France

Wooohhooo!1!! Thanks for hanging in there Gaëtan and thanks to everyone who contributed!

Best, Martine

+1, thanks to everyone and great work Gaetan for not only pushing the release but also improving the process while he did it.