Regarding RIOT-Tutorials

Hi , I’m facing problem with RIOT-OS Turorials and OpenMote-B ,I have asked users mailing list aslo the developer of RIOT from the past one weak still didn’t get any correct solution from RIOT , I got response from OpenMote-B but they also unable solve this issue please help me to solve this issue


I have purchased 10 openmote-B Board . then i started working with the oopenmote-B. contiki-Os don’t have the support for openmote-B but RIOT and openWSN have the support for openmote-B . i started working with RIOT-OS ,in RIOT github page TUTORIALS are there i have kick started with that ,I made the environment by installing the required installation ,then i flashed the TASK-01 to my openmote-B actually TASK-01 was running a SHELL in the board and printing the BOARD name ,the code flashing was successfully done and I got the Output also successfully , but the problem was if i flash any other code or the same code it was giving the following ERROR

ERROR: Timeout waiting for ACK/NACK after 'Synch (0x55 0x55)'

my aim is to solve this problem please help me to solve this error


Now i recognized that the bootloader only having some issues with Backdoor, and CCA configuration ,OpenMote-B developer he said that Openmote-B Bootloader Pin is 7 Even i changed that #define CCA_BACKDOOR_PORT_A_PIN (7) /**< BSL_BOOT Pin */ then also the same error is occurs, now he told me that am not that mach familier with openmote-B there must be somthing going on here


and try to change the baudrate like that.

Now what should i do to enable this bootloader configuration and to solve this issue my 10 openMote board in that i have experimented with 5 those 5 boards are locked now .

please resond for this please Thank you

Hey Mani,

It very hard to understand the issue that you are having and the steps needed to reproduce that issue. You must clearly explain the problems and the steps you have taken to encounter those problems. As a start, please run the /dist/tools/ci/ script so that we can understand the systems that you are using.

According to the schematics I have (rev 14) the bsl boot pin is PA6, I am not sure if there was a change in the pin in other revisions though. Please check the revision number of all of your devices. It is on the side of the PCB with the battery holder near the usb. My version is HW rev. 1.4.

What do you mean your boards are locked?

Why are you changing the baud rate?

How are you flashing the boards?

If you locked the board from the bootloader level you may need to re-flash the bootloader with a jtag controller. Please research yourself how to accomplish this (start with a good search for BSL bootloader).

We are trying to help but cannot unless we can reproduce the issue,