Regarding Power Analysis

Hi all, I have doubt can we do power analysis, energy consumption related things with our RIOT-OS if yes then how we have to proceed to achive this aim. please do the needfull it will more helpfull

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Hi Mani,

I have written a small driver for STPM3x series of ST power measurement chips. For the moment, you can just retrieve current and voltage values with it. If you want an easy solution to begin with, you can buy an eval board for STPM3x chips from ST and try this driver and maybe enhance it.

Link to my driver : (best for STPM33).

Also check in drivers/ if it exists some other driver for other chip like theses ones.

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Hi Mani,

It’s not entirely clear from your question if you want to measure power consumption of your board, or power consumption in general.

If you want to measure consumption of your board, take a look at the EFM32 evaluation boards (e.g. SLSTK3401a). They provide power analysis functions on their board, and are supported by RIOT-OS.

Kind regards Bas