Reg RIOT Issues

Dear RIOT maintainers,

I was going through RIOT documentation. Came to know the email ID of riot maintainers from the same source. I am PhD students, just started my research in application specific IoT OS area. Downloaded the source code of RIOT and tried to compile it for selected board but facing some of the issues. I will be very thankful if you will be able to help me in solving some of my issues that i am facing.

I would like if any maintainer will be in contact throughout my research or is there any forum of this where we can post our issues?

Thanks in anticipation



(PhD Scholar)

Hi Simran,

welcome to RIOT (again :slight_smile: )! We have an issue tracker on GitHub:

The developers mailing list is often used to report issues as well. Once you face "technical problems" I'd recommend the users mailing list:

Best Peter