Questions about NDN applications in RIOT

Hi Joakim,

there is quite a large amount of work done in this direction - and a lot of discussions going on.

Two implementations are maintained - NDN for RIOT and CCN-lite for RIOT - the former is done by UCL, the latter by Cenk (HAW Hamburg).

Berlin & Hamburg is currently executing the project I3 ( where many of the aspects you mention are addressed - see this year's papers + demo at the ICN conference:

ICNRG ( is also a good place to look at - many discussions go on there. Of particular interest are the documents:

  *   * (both in the process of updating)

Within the next few days we will also release a pre-print to the archive that discusses naming + pub-sub in the IoT.

Any further discussion and contact is very welcome!

Cheers,   Thomas

Hi Joakim,