Questions about NDN applications in RIOT

Hi RIOTers, I have found an interest in NDN in IoT scenarios and I have some questions which I haven’t been able to figure out on my own yet. So far, I have only gathered theoretical knowledge, I have not had the opportunity to do any hands on experiments yet. What protocols and formats are you using for the application layer data in NDN deployments? Are there any proposals for naming conventions in sensor networks when working with ICN data? I have seen several research articles and YouTube videos from different conferences and workshops where NDN applications are using RIOT, but not much discussion about the application layer data formats used or the naming conventions. It seems like SenML+CBOR would be one possibility, but it has quite some overhead in the description with an URN which may not be necessary with named data. Who are working on NDN projects with RIOT? I know some of the Berlin people and INRIA seem involved, and some PRs from UCLA (Wentao Shang) and FIU (Alex Afanasyev), so I guess there is a quite widespread interest in NDN on RIOT. So what kind of experiments are you doing? What is the application layer data? I want to explore sensor network scenarios with NDN but I don’t know at what point I should jump in. What aspects of the NDN cryptographic security options have been used with RIOT so far? Has there been any work done on mesh networks with NDN? In a mutex network, the forwarded interest packet may need to bounce back out the same interface that it was received from in order to reach a device with the right data. Is there a risk for broadcast storms? Similar to the wizards apprentice syndrome where one packet triggers multiple follow up transmissions from other nodes and the network would be filled with broadcasts from all nodes.

Hoping to hear from others doing research in this area,

Best regards, Joakim Nohlgård