Question regarding RIOT on ESP32

Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone was able to even build the hello world example for ESP32.

I’m trying to make an app using mqtt-paho, because I couldn’ t make it work on native build, but I’m pretty sure it works (or I least it should work :wink: ) and as with the ESP32 I can reach WIFI, was trying to build an example to this board.

It seems that the documentation is using a reference on ESP-IDF that doesn’t exist anymore. And with newer release versions of esp-idf, it just doesn’t work the build.

I would really apreciatte some help with this.


:slight_smile: Regards

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Hi Javier,

compilation should work without any problems for any application shipped with RIOT with the RIOT docker image

and the latest RIOT release as well as the current master.

Could you please provide a hint where the documentation refers to an ESP-IDF version that no longer exists? Wrong references are sometimes leftovers in the documentation that were simply forgotten when the toolchain was changed :frowning:

Thanks Gunar

Hello Javier,

have you tried to use Docker to build RIOT OS? See this wiki article [1] for the reference. And you can also open an issue here [2]

[1] [2]

Best regards, Yegor

Dear Javier,

Use the docker version. I encountered many problems using a solid installation (a year ago). The docker version works fine.

To switch docker I used the following Linux command;

sudo docker run -i -t --privileged -v /dev:/dev -u $UID -v $(pwd):/data/riotbuild schorcht/riotbuild_esp32

This is how I flashed my ESP32 using Station Mode;

make flash-only BOARD=esp32-wroom-32 -C examples/hello-world PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0

Best regards.

Yegor Yefremov <>, 10 May 2020 Paz, 20:20 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Hello Javier,

I developed an application with mqtt-paho myself, also on an esp32 using wifi. In case you don’t know this yet, I would like to give you the following hints:

(1) RIOT supports only MQTT-SN and as far as I know paho.mqtt-sn.embedded-c is the only paho variant with MQTT-SN support. So you will have to use this one. (2) You will need to set up UDP6 in the configuration of paho. (3) Don’t make the same mistake as I did when I started working with the master branch of paho.mqtt-sn.embedded-c. Instead use the develop branch, because it’s much more recent (last commit in master was in July 2019 vs. April 2020 in develop). The configuration sketch for UDP6 is missing completely for example in master.

If you get in to trouble to get a connection don’t hesitate to ask me. I lost quite some time back then when trying to figure out how to get my project working, essentially because paho’s documentation is a mess*.*

Best regards, Hendrik

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Hi Hendrik, sorry I didn’t reply to this message… I lost track of it and I see it just now. I left my work on ESP after all :frowning:

Have a nice one :slight_smile: