Question regarding MBED-LPC1768 netwok drivers support.


I tried executing an example of gnrc_networking (gnrc_networking) on Mbed-lpc1768 and it runs fine. But, the network was not configured correctly (e.g. ifconfig doesn’t show anything).

My question is: What is the status of network drivers for LPC1768?

Hi Fernando,

   the mbed-lpc1768 according to [1] doesn't have any network interfaces as far as I see. Because of this there are no network drivers implemented and ifconfig doesn't have anything to show. Do you use it with any kind of extension board?

Best, Thomas


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for answering.

I wanted to run the example using the mbed-lpc1768 ethernet device. It already has an integrated phy, so we just connected an rj-45 jack.

Do you have support for ethernet devices in your stack?



we do have support for ethernet, but we don't have a device driver for the lpc1768 phy, yet. Feel free to write one :slight_smile:

Cheers, Hauke

Hi Fernando,

as Hauke pointed out already, RIOT supports Ethernet devices in general but still needs support for the specific hardware used. For your device this would mean implementing the interfaces defined in netdev2.h [1] and netdev2_eth.h [2]. If you are willing to take on this task we're happy to support you with any questions arising and you can take a look how it is done for other existing Ethernet devices like the enc28j60 [3].

Best, Thomas

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