Question about AT86rf231 port for SAMr21 xpro board

Hi Hauke,

Thank you for your quick answer ! I am already working on the port of the at86rf233 for Sam R21 but I think there are also some register addresses which differ from at86rff231 ? Could you confirm that or am I wrong ?

Cheers, Maxence

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Hi Maxence,

I actually havn't looked into the Radios yet. @Thomas, can you answer this?

Cheers, Hauke

Hi Maxence,

sorry for answer latency. I just compared the data sheets and found following differences.

The following registers make use of reserved bits compared to rf231: TRX_CTRL_0 PHY_TX_PWR RX_CTRL TRX_CTRL_2 XAH_CTRL_1 FTN_CTRL PLL_CF

And these are additional registers not defined for the rf231: CC_CTRL_0 CC_CTRL_1 TRX_RPC XAH_CTRL_2 TST_CTRL_DIGI TST_TX_TIME TST_SDM PHY_TX_TIME PHY_PMU_VALUE

Without looking deeper into it I think the logic in the upcoming version of the rf231 driver should work for the rf233 too. I’ll open a PR for it later in the afternoon for this. Concerning the support for the rf233 I think we should add the additional registers and bits to the header but reading the mode state diagram and configuration steps they are not necessary to get it running.

If you find anything that has to be adopted or questions arise don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best, Thomas