[quentin.lampin@orange.com: [iot-lab-users] OpenOCD and M3 nodes : configuration file using the FTDI interface driver pushed upstream]

Dear rioters,

since we experienced some problems with the new OpenOCD interface, too, I guess this information might be helpful.

Cheers, Oleg

P.S. Haven't compared with our version, nor tested yet.


I just want to add that we (Eistec) have been using the libusb ftdi driver in openocd since December 2013 for our Mulle programming board. Our board is based on FT2232H, like the IoT_Lab-M3 uses. It has been working very well for us.

To me it seems like the proper choice to migrate to use libusb than to require a separate ft2232 driver. Less dependencies => Less risk of running into incompatibilities at users' systems.

BR, Joakim Gebart Eistec AB www.eistec.se