Python 2: end of support on IoT-LAB

Dear IoT-LAB users,

As you may already know, official Python 2 support was stopped at the beginning of 2020 [1]. Most of the IoT-LAB tools (cli-tools, ssh-cli-tools, etc) are written in Python and support both Python 2 and 3 versions. But for compatibility and maintenance reasons, it's not possible anymore for us to continue supporting and installing the Python 2 version on the SSH frontends and embedded Linux images. So we started to work on removing Python 2 support from all our tools and to migrate the SSH frontends and embedded Linux images. This means that our tools installed on the SSH frontends and the Python packages preinstalled on the embedded Linux images will only be for Python 3. If you still have personal tools for IoT-LAB that are only compatible with Python 2, we strongly encourage you to upgrade them to Python 3.

**This migration is planned for mid-january 2020**

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on

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