Pyterm does not show the ouput on nrf52840dk

Hi, I want to run some code on nrf52840dk so I tried with hello-world example code. The program is compiling correctly but it does not show any output on the terminal and I keep getting the following output. Can someone help me fix this?

make BOARD=nrf52840dk PORT=/dev/ttyACM0 term
/home/xyz/RIOT/dist/tools/pyterm/pyterm -p "/dev/ttyACM0" -b "115200"  
Twisted not available, please install it if you want to use pyterm's JSON capabilities
2021-04-26 13:39:16,430 # Connect to serial port /dev/ttyACM0

Welcome to pyterm! Type ‘/exit’ to exit.

It is possible that the board already printed it’s output. Try running “BOARD=nrf52840dk make reset”, in the application source, in another terminal.

Thanks its working