Public form to gather user information, user stories and user logos

Hi All,

As you must be aware of RIOT OS website is being revamped. In addition to the usual information, the plan is to add two more sections :

  • User stories (quotes from users, details about usage etc.)

  • Logo wall ( Showcase of “organisations” using RIOT)

The above sections will undoubtedly improve the web page’s overall outlook, but we realised that detailed information about the users and their use cases is lacking. For this purpose, we plan to publish a form to take in responses from “RIOT OS Users.”

It came to us that we could use the same form to help us understand the user’s needs; hence, we added one more section to get feedback from the users. This section would only add 2-3 minutes, making it 15 Mins to complete on average.

Here is the link to the draft form. Please let us know your suggestions.

@jia200x @leandrolanzieri @waehlisch @miri64

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The form is now up and is collecting responses.