Problems during porting RIOT-OS

Hello, I am trying to port RIOT-OS to the STM32L053 MCU and I get stuck at the moment. The base system seems to work - every time I stop the system with the emulation probe I can see that the system is in the idle-thread and I can single-step until I reach the next idle-thread. The misterious thing is that the main task is never executed. No "Hello World" on the serial interface. One character is seen by a terminal software after each restart, but not more. Have you any idea what could going wrong at that step. The UART is set-up correctly, because I got the dummy handler message before I worked at the vectors.c file.

Question 2: I want to use the Low Power Timer of the STM32L053 during the idle thread (stop-mode). Can you give me a hint, where to place the change-over from the normal clock to the LPTimer? lpm_arch.c ?

Best regards, Bernhard

Hi Bernhard,

I can't really tell what's causing this behavior, seems to me though that there is something wrong in the UART configuration. But it's hard to tell without seeing your code. Which board are you using? Some STM nucleo one? The boards are notorious for weird behavior of their UART-USB converters under Linux...

To your second question: the `lpc_arch.c` is exactly the place to implement switchting to low-power modes.

Cheers, Hauke