Problem with the wakaama example

Hey there,

as a total LWM2M noob I wanted to play around with the Wakaama example, but didn’t get it to work. I tried to follow the README, but in both cases (without and with bootstrap server) the application seems to run into a timeout. I tested with native and the basic communication between RIOT and the server seems to be working - at least I see a CoAP exchange in Wireshark.

From the application I get the following output:

[lwm2m_step:382] State: STATE_REGISTERING
[registration_getStatus:506] State: STATE_REGISTERING
[registration_getStatus:513] targetP->status: STATE_REG_PENDING
[registration_getStatus:536] reg_status: STATE_REG_PENDING
[observe_step:492] Entering
[registration_step:1303] State: STATE_REGISTERING
[transaction_step:436] Entering
[transaction_send:353] Entering: transaction=0x80a5f84
[transaction_send:420] transaction 0x80a5f84 expired..calling callback
[prv_handleRegistrationReply:217] Registration failed
[transaction_remove:262] Entering. transaction=0x80a5f84
[transaction_free:248] Entering. transaction=0x80a5f84
[lwm2m_step:485] Final timeoutP:
[lwm2m_step:486] 1 
[lwm2m_step:488] Final state: STATE_REGISTERING
[lwm2m_step:376] timeoutP: 
[lwm2m_step:377] 1 
[lwm2m_step:382] State: STATE_REGISTERING
[registration_getStatus:506] State: STATE_REGISTERING
[registration_getStatus:513] targetP->status: STATE_REG_FAILED
[registration_getStatus:536] reg_status: STATE_REG_FAILED
[lwm2m_step:376] timeoutP: 
[lwm2m_step:377] 1 
[lwm2m_step:382] State: STATE_BOOTSTRAP_REQUIRED
[lwm2m_step:376] timeoutP: 

Am I missing something here?

Cheers Oleg

Hi @oleg ,

could you maybe show the Wireshark dump? I’m guessing you’re using a Leshan server? I remember sometimes I had issues with the IP matching, as the server would respond with a different IP address than the one configured in the client. IIRC I had to manually set the address in the server when running the .jar file with an option flag.

Cheers, Leandro