problem setting channel (xbee)

Hello everybody,

I’m writing to you because I’m having a problem trying to configure xbee in my waspmote v2.1.

In fact, the initialisation procedure is not able to set the channel. Hence, even if I’m getting the ipaddress, I’m not able to comunicate with my waspmote.

Since I’m not getting further information, I’m not able to identify the problem.

Below my output,

[xbee] AT_CMD: +++ [xbee] AT_CMD: ATMM2 [xbee] AT_CMD: ATAP1 [xbee] AT_CMD: ATAC [xbee] AT_CMD: ATCN [xbee] AT_CMD: SH [xbee] AT_CMD: SL [xbee] AT_CMD: CH [xbee] init: error setting channel main(): This is RIOT! (Version: UNKNOWN (builddir: /home/fdespaux/boulot/RIOT-waspmote_xbee_fixes)) RIOT network stack example application My address is fe80::213:a200:40d7:ec50